Thursday, February 27, 2014

Libraries New Technologies!

In the article Library goes from the printed page to the digital screen, there are three main ideas. Here they are: Libraries are changing. A quote from the text that helps my decision is:"You may not know it,but libraries have become community tech centers". My thinking about the main idea is: I wish that our school was a "community tech center". Another main idea is:Helping people get jobs. A quote from the text that helps support my main idea is: "They also needed help looking for jobs online". My thinking about this main idea is: It is a good thing for librarians to help people find jobs-including online. My last main idea is: Getting new electronics. A quote from the text that helps support my last main idea is: "The Ramsey County Minn.,library system bought a 3-D printer two years ago. People are able to print three-dimensional objects with it". The thinking about my last main idea is: This is a good 3-D printer because it allows kids to print three-dimensional papers that could be used for some kind of homework. There is my work for the article that I just read and I hope this is enough for you. See how much Books there are?

Get the hint now?

You really can't see computers or any type of technology. That's how a library should be.

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  1. Dear Nickol,
    I love your essay about the libraries and have great detail. But I would recommend you spacing out paragraphs, the reason I say this is because it looks like a big clump. No offense.
    Your friend
    Jacob Agosta Harriot Church