Monday, March 17, 2014

Hives gone wrong.....

Dear Readers,

In the article, Deadly virus spreads from plants to honeybees, there are three main ideas in the text that I have read.
1. My first main idea is: Crops are giving bees a virus causing a lot of money to be spent. A detail from the text that helps support this main idea is: "A rapidly mutating virus has spread from plants to bees". My thinking about this main idea is: I think that the plants that are giving bees the virus that they need to get cut down because its causing bees to die and then people won't get as much honey.
2. My second main idea is: Bees are getting more weak by the cause of stresses and a new virus. A detail from the article to support my main idea is: "Indeed, the new virus, along with the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus. was linked with colonies considered "weak" due to a variety of stresses". My own thinking about this is: Stresses just get humans mad and maybe put them in pain, but for bees stresses might make them sick or even die.
3. The last main idea for this article is: Finding out why bee colonies are collapsing. The detail I saw from the text is: "Last year, USDA and Environmental Protection Agency scientists listed what research what shows to be the major causes of colony collapse: pesticides, pathogens, and inadequate nutrition, in part caused by the diminishing availability in certain wild flowers whose pollen that bees like to eat". My own thinking about the last main idea that I thought of is: Finding out why bee colonies are collapsing is good because now if the scientists get to learn more about the bees and their colonies then they can stop them from collapsing or even maybe stop the bees virus.

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